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Supportive Mental Health Counseling

Life hands us challenges we don’t expect. These are often opportunities for growth, but change and growth aren’t easy. They can mean pain and loss, at least initially. These challenging times ebb and flow over the course of our lives, and may leave us feeling off balance, confused or overwhelmed.

Many people who seek supportive counseling are facing something that has rocked their world in some way, leaving them feeling the need to address their experience at a deeper level. Anything from a change in health or work, to a painful end to a relationship, the death of someone dear, or even a surprising change of heart can all motivate us to explore what we are thinking and feeling, and discover approaches to better manage our experience. My approach varies in order to best meet the needs of each client. I often use elements of mindfulness and am a trained EMDR therapist. For more information on EMDR, please visit http://www.emdria.org

The heart of the work is the therapeutic alliance, the foundation of trust and respect between therapist and client. This creates a safe space to reflect on what is happening right now, as well as how this current stressor fits into the whole of your life. A key part of the process may be considering how you got to this place in your life, how your life evolved, how it informs your perspective, your expectations, your triggers and your fears; then recognizing these patterns and learning from and addressing them. In this safe space, positive change and growth can happen.

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