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Welcome to Ageless Journeys Counseling, a place for adults seeking more effective ways to manage change, loss, and stress.

I offer private, confidential counseling to individuals and groups who are feeling burdened by the changing seasons of life, whether these changes are based in relationships, work life, health or any of life’s unexpected turns. I also work with families who are dealing with caregiving, especially those caring for someone with dementia.

Brief, solution focused counseling offers a safe place to process the complex range of emotions associated with the changes that life may bring. Let’s work together to increase your understanding of how change is affecting how you feel and function. I invite you to make this an opportunity to focus on caring for yourself. Through supportive counseling, mindfulness, education and acceptance we will improve your confidence and self-care skills so you feel stronger and are better able to gracefully move ahead along the ageless journey of change that is life.

Stress ~ Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Grief

Adjustment to Life Transitions

Health and Career Change

Caring for Aging Loved Ones

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